The Cheese Shop @ The Mix is a full service cheese shop stocked full of domestic and imported farmstead and artisanal cheeses.

All of our cheeses are cut to order which means your cheese is of the best quality and that it has been handled properly to ensure that when it hits your mouth you will experience the ultimate cheese moment. Our specially trained “Cheesemongers” ready to help you select the perfect specimen and can help you pair it with something delicious, like local honey, bacon jam, pickled fruits or hand crafted salumi.

We stock, gluten free crackers, hand rolled crackers, jams, mustard and other gourmet goodies. We have all the “gear” a cheese lover would need…. slicers, curlers, graters, fondue pots, vintage fondue forks, specialty paper, markers, rustic boards, journals and books. Stop by for a taste, a wedge or a party board to share with friends. We look forward to sharing our cheese.



We the Cheesemongers of the United Stores of The Cellar, in order to bring our customers a more memorable encounter with the Fromage, establish community spirit, insure superb customer service, pledge to sample every cheese in the shop, provide fair prices, promote creativity, secure your loyalty to our fromage and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Mission Statement of the United Stores of The Cellar.

Clementine the Cow is our store mascott, named by you, our loyal cheese customers. Visit her any time and ring her bell for good luck.