Cheers to Eleven Years
Just two local gals who have a love for cheese, wine and their community, little did they know 11 years later The Cellar (their Cellar) would be the neighborhood home away from home and a staple to our community of San Clemente. Eleven years of growth, love, passion and taking on most every charitable event that comes knocking on their door. Dawn and Sherrie strive to keep that casual, kind and at many times creative spunk to their bar, employees and customers every day. Everyone they meet is a friend, no one is stranger to these fun gals who have a passion for good wine, tasty food and unique delicious cheeses. The Cellar is a family and you feel that friendly family vibe the moment you walk through the door.

Since opening their doors October 28, 2008 The Cellar has grown to not only be a very active community advocate and a well-known destination for many; they are also a leader to other local restaurants to be committed to be ocean friendly. Teaming up with the International Surfrider Foundation, The Cellar is named an Official Ocean Friendly Restaurant which means they are eco-friendly, use proper recycling practices, provide better water conservation efforts and are energy efficient. Wow! This is just the beginning of creating steps to be part of a positive change and growth not only for the restaurant industry but for our community.

Here are some fun facts about the last Eleven Years:


4,015 Days

67,504 lbs of Cheese Consumed

5, 674 Riedel Wine Glasses Dropped

149 Rabbi Blue Nights

2,934 Boxes Picked Up as a Wine Club Member – Sign Up to be a Orange Wine Club Member Today!

3 Times Holton has been Rehired

15 Harvests from the Local Cellar Garden since 2014

>21,840 Mac & Cheese Served

Countdown until Next Door Opens ? We will have to wait and see…

As we celebrate this next chapter we want you to be part of the action every other Wines Day Wednesday.



Your Secret Weapon Go To Mac & Cheese :

Ingredients –

Pasta of Your Choice

Equal Parts of Paiva, Raclette, and a Cheese of your Choice (Find your artesian cheeses and a cheese connoisseur at The Cellar Cheese Shop!)

One Teaspoon Garlic

Butter and a Splash of Grapeseed Oil

Heavy Cream

Panko Bread Crumbs (Toast Prior to Sprinkling on top of Dish)


Add Grapeseed Oil to Hot Pan with Butter, Stir,

Add Cream and Garlic, Stir

Add Cooked Pasta, Sautee’,

Add Cheese, (This is when I like to use a spatula over a spoon, it glides better over the pasta and cheese mixing)

Once Cooked to your Perfection add to a Casserole dish,

Finish with Sprinkling of Cheeses and Toasted Panko Bread Crumbs


Ta Da!!! You are your own Cellar Chef in as quick as 40 minutes!

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